Established in 1991, The Bronx Tourism Council is a division of the Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation (BOEDC), creating a cohesive and symbiotic relationship between arts and culture and economic development. The role of the Bronx Tourism Council is to promote the borough's rich history, its institutions, and cultural diversity on a local, national, and international level.  

Its coalition of over 100 institutions not only includes the better-known attractions such as the Wildlife Conservation Society (Bronx Zoo), Botanical Gardens and, of course, Yankee Stadium, but also highlights a host of hidden treasures such as Wave Hill and the Split Rock Golf Course, only two of many more places that make the Bronx such a unique destination for hundreds of thousands of visitors per year.

The council provides a variety of ways for travelers to discover those secrets through several events and initiatives including weekly top-ranked guided trolley tours such as the First Wednesdays Bronx Culture Trolley Tour, led by the Bronx Council on the Arts; City Island's Bronx Seaside Trolley Tour; the Bronx Urban Farms Agro-Tours and so many more.

Our Annual Bronx Week Celebration is a 10-day series of events that takes place every May.  It offers venues and activities ideal for locals and visitors to enjoy such as the Bronx Film Festival and the Bronx Ball where famous Bronxites are inducted into our Walk of Fame.  This summer brings a highly-anticipated event to the Bronx: the borough's second-annual Salsa Fest where visitors are invited to our Bronx French Riviera, Orchard Beach, and dance to the sounds of great salsa bands on the board walk.  Other events will feature other aspects of Salsa which originated in the Bronx giving the borough its nickname "El Condado de la Salsa" (the borough of Salsa).

The Tour de Bronx, a 25 or 40-mile-long bike tour that is New York State's largest free cycling event, has drawn over six thousand cycling enthusiasts to experience our amazing neighborhoods, waterfronts, and even historic cemeteries, while promoting a fun and environmentally-friendly method of transportation for families as well as the avid cyclist during the month of October.

Our Spring for the Bronx Action Tours (April) and Fall for the Bronx Action Tours (October), includes hiking, biking, and canoeing as some of the eco-adventures being offered to outdoor enthusiasts. In November the Savor the Bronx Restaurant Week showcases epicurean delights as we highlight some of the borough's top eateries at a discount.   

The Bronx Tourism Council's website, ilovethebronx.com, is your source for everything Bronx-related. Follow us on Twitter (@BronxTourism) and Instragram (@TheBxTourism) and "like" us on facebook.com/BTCBX for specific dates for the events cited as well as the latest news from the Bronx.


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