I Love The Bronx

Dear Esteemed Friends,      

As your New Executive Director of the Bronx Tourism CounciL, I welcome you to our page.          

My commitment as your servant-leader of Tourism is to work with the powerful tenacity and spirit of all Bronxites to ensure we become a must-see global destination where our collective character and integrity is always a priority.      

Tourism is an economy that provides jobs and opportunities so that Bronxites can support their families without having to leave the borough they love, as well as increase revenue for small and locally owned businesses that will allow them to elevate social responsibility goals. Tourism done with cultural sensitivity can transform all of our communities.  In order to effectively execute this important responsibility, Bronx tourism must be done with a community-first foundation.      

I cannot do this alone, nor will I attempt to. The BTC team needs to create amazing Bronx tour experiences and we will need your help to be effective!  We need you as Bronxites to tell us all about your favorite neighborhoods: places to eat; locally owned restaurants; the best murals and who created them; architectural structures; jogging paths; bike-riding routes; waterfront views; and your favorite block parties, festivals and parades.  In other words, where would you like to eventually see the Bronx Trolley?      

My team and I will be reaching out to all levels of businesses - from small to large corporations - that our community already supports.  We will request sponsorship dollars so that as equal partners, we can work on making our vision a reality.        

As Alicia Keys once said, "It took 10 years to become an overnight success."  With your help we will shorten that period, because as Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz said, "If it wasn't from the Bronx..."    

The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.  We thank you for your patience as we build together.

Sulma Arzu-Brown
Executive Director, The Bronx Tourism Council